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Irascibility - an age thing?
Woke with the words "Buggery revisionists" on my lips. Then wondered if irascibility was concomitant with age. I get especially incensed by 'kewl' textual gimmicks. Imagining a university conference on re-VISIONism. I bet there has already been one. Mind you, I was always incensed by the bloody silly 'herstory.' So maybe not age but natural irascibility. I also get riled by sentences of this type:
X is the space in which Y is deployed, stategized and has its sodding being.

[The increasingly curmudgeonly Steerpike grabs swordstick and wanders off muttering to himself].
41-45, M
8 replies
Nov 18, 2016
Possibly. I would imagine when you've been around for awhile your patience for annoying or irritating things might have grown thin along with your tolerance for them. I guess it would work the other way around, too. Depends on who you are, I suppose.
SW User
Schopenhauer-esque lol..he was a miserable fuck too.
Steerpike · 41-45, M
He was an utter delight at parties, especially when he told that anecdote about pushing his landlady down the stairs.
SW User
@Steerpike: yes lol very entertaining, I especially like that his only companionship in life came from a string of poodles which he consecutively named 'atma'...I see why you'd admire him.
JustNik · 46-50, F
I always thought it fit too comfortably to be a new development with age. 😂
ernestcharles · 61-69, M
Can one revise buggery?
Steerpike · 41-45, M
ernestcharles · 61-69, M
A complete revision, and amusing.

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