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If you could change one thing in your life what would it be?
Education, Health, Friends, Job, Living Conditions ?
56-60, M
22 replies
Nov 16, 2016
SW User
DallasCowboysFan · 56-60, M
To complete some tasks around home or something major like change careers ?
DallasCowboysFan · 56-60, M
@tiffanyandasaltshaker: What do you do now?
@DallasCowboysFan: I'm currently a Pharm Tech--I'm hoping to attend medical school soon.
DallasCowboysFan · 56-60, M
@tiffanyandasaltshaker: I hope you do. Pharmacists make $125k a year straight out of school don't they? Good luck. pharmacy techs ever get annoyed when I go to Target and ask the pharmacists behind the counter where the X is located on the shelves in front of the counter?
That is, not a prescription; OTC ?
LadyWioness · 51-55, F
DallasCowboysFan · 56-60, M
Hang in there.
greenmountaingal · 70-79, F
DallasCowboysFan · 56-60, M
@greenmountaingal: Is it worse than the vile, disgusting koolaid that they make you gag down to prepare for colonoscopies? I swear, the koolaid and going 18 hours without eating on an empty stomach is the worst part.
greenmountaingal · 70-79, F
@DallasCowboysFan: No need for real colonoscopies now that they have the vitual kind.
DallasCowboysFan · 56-60, M
@greenmountaingal:I have heard about those but they had not reached my doctor.
Dogger · 46-50, M
Health for sure
DallasCowboysFan · 56-60, M
Is it something you can change yourself?
DallasCowboysFan · 56-60, M
Eating better ? Losing weight ?
TuffMama35 · 36-40, F
I'd like more of an education so I can turn a job into a career.
DallasCowboysFan · 56-60, M
What do you do now that you would like to change....what would your major be in college?

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