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Give example of what is child abuse in your opinion.
16-17, F
23 replies
Nov 16, 2016
johnwilson5039 · 22-25, M
My aunt forced me to kiss her tummy for 7 long years
YuiChan · 16-17, F
[c=#BF0000]@johnwilson5039:[/c] [c=#BF6900]get[/c] [c=#A69800]the[/c] [c=#359E00]police[/c][c=#002673] then.[/c] 👮
johnwilson5039 · 22-25, M
@YuiChan: she is in prison
YuiChan · 16-17, F
[c=#BF0000]@johnwilson5039:[/c] [c=#BF6900]that's[/c] [c=#A69800]good[/c]
taehyun · 18-21, F
Dragging them by the hair, kicking them, telling them they're ugly and dumb and worthless.

Everything I had.
YuiChan · 16-17, F
[c=#BF0000]seen a lot of that and makes me [/c][c=#BF6900]wonder if they actually care about their [/c][c=#A69800]child.
last month I just saw a 9-yr-old kid covered[/c] [c=#A69800]in bruises and a bleeding nose and his father beating him in the countryside.[/c]
[c=#009E4F]my parents want[/c][/c] [c=#359E00]me to die..... and[/c] [c=#002673]does everything you've listed so [/c][c=#008099]far.
but they will[/c] [c=#7700B2]love me if I'm better. I think.[/c]
MayaFromCalifornia · 16-17, F
YuiChan, That's horrible to even think that abuse happens. To hear about it is so sad.
Censorship · 22-25, M
Anything involving intentionally hurting a child
YuiChan · 16-17, F
sighmeupforthat · 41-45, M
NinaSilver · 22-25, F
Hitting,corporal punishment, insulting, constant criticism, abuse tactics like gaslighting, inconsistent affection, isolation, public humiliation/shaming (not like being scolded in public but like forcing them to hold a sign on a corner or cutting their hair and putting it on social media, etc.) obv. witholding or refusal of necessities like medical care, including mental health care if they need it. Conversion therapy (and there are these 'camps' I've heard of where some Christian families send their 'rebellious' children, that withold things like education, food, water, sunlight, bathing, etc. and sometimes involve corporal punishment). Bullying, sexual abuse, ABA therapy, certain attachment therapies including Coercive Restraint therapy, psychiatric abuse, psychological abuse, emotional abuse, etc.
NinaSilver · 22-25, F
Sorry I'm rambling a bit it's just a really important subject imo.
YuiChan · 16-17, F
[c=#BF0000]it is important.[/c]
[c=#BF6900]but lots of[/c] [c=#A69800]cultures are different.[/c]
[c=#359E00]they abuse their [/c][c=#002673]child without knowing[/c] [c=#008099]it's abuse.[/c]
NinaSilver · 22-25, F
@YuiChan: Very true.
Foxboy · M
touching without permission especially boys.

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