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Americans are easily confused


Republicans: pull out of Afghanistan - America First
Democrats: what about our allies?


Democrats: we should pull out of Afghanistan
Republicans : what about our Allies?

Insert mindless repetition arguments here - trade places every 4 years.
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No one鈥檚 confused. We鈥檝e just begun treating our political parties the way we do sports teams. Win, win, win ! At all costs and by all means. 馃檮
Notanymore36-40, M
Just shows how screwed we really are
MotherHubbard56-60, F
We poured into the streets in every city to protest that invasion and the next one,, Iraq.
We can't do a thing about the war machine.
Myselfatlast22-25, M
Any political point is relevant here.
2016 democrats: the election has hacked we need to investigate
2016 republicans: that鈥檚 pathetic just leave the country if you don鈥檛 like democracy
2020 republicans: the election was stolen we need to investigate
2020 democrats: there鈥檚 no evidence what a waste of time that鈥檒l be here鈥檚 a tin foil hat you conspiracy theorist.
Or my favorite one that鈥檚 been relevant for decades
Republicans: war on drugs is good we must make the, illegal and fight the criminals involved with drugs
Democrats: prohibition never works we should legalize drugs so we know they are clean and safe and get tax revenue
Democrats: we need gun control we need to out law assault rifles
Republicans: that would never work people will find ways to keep them and they will be unmarked
Budwick70-79, M
Republicans: pull out of Afghanistan - America First[/quote]

Not ALL troops

[quote]Republicans : what about our Allies?[/quote]

Yeah, what about our allies?
Shall we leave them there to be murdered?
I realize they're not from Guatemala, but at least these guys have already chosen to help America.
Myselfatlast22-25, M
What do you mean you proved my point [@841775,Budwick]
Budwick70-79, M
[@691096,Myselfatlast] I mean, I'm Sorry to have ruffled your feathers.

I think you may be over thinking this Self.
Myselfatlast22-25, M
You are making as much sense as joe biden does on any given day [@841775,Budwick]

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