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Just the way it's only possible to truly evaluate a company's worth based on comparison with peers,

It's a lot more telling to evaluate how good or trash your ex-partner was based on comparisons with a current, past or possible future partner.
It wasn't until I met this really chill, no drama, talkative, bubbly, sweet, kind pretty girl that I realized how pathetic my ex girlfriend was. The purpose of this isn't to call her out- but it opened my eyes to how desperate us men can get during lockdown and when we don't have a variety of choices.

In such situations, an individual is better off using their hand, than to have to deal with such trash.
If you ever get into it, introspect, get advice from well-meaning friends and strategically break up with a trash partner, because every man's a king and he does not have to deal with such trash, ever.

And it goes both ways. This post applies to every woman who's stuck in a trash relationship with her own partner. Be brave, cut the chord.
You will likely find better, although you won't realize it until you put yourself out there.

Until you meet someone new, you'll have mixed feelings and second guess why you took out the trash. In that case, it's important to remember the REASONS (which there will be plenty) as to why you decided to take out the trash.

If necessary, write yourself a note, but do not allow the trash back into your life. It will never be worth it.

These are just my 2 cents, in line with my personal code of trying to do a little good for the community in some way 馃帺
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Colley26-30, M
That鈥檚 not the only way to determine a company鈥檚 value lol
Bane922-25, M
[@1200421,Colley] It is one of the steps without which any analysis is incomplete
Colley26-30, M
[@1038365,RasAlGhul] but what if there鈥檚 no appropriate peer group of competitors? that鈥檚 like saying you can鈥檛 determine a proper discount rate if you can鈥檛 use a CAPM work-up to determine WACC lol
Bane922-25, M
[@1200421,Colley] In how many cases is there "no appropriate peer group of competitors?" Name one company in an industry that is prominent enough for analysis that doesn't have at least one competitor?
And besides:

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