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Does your phone have 5G?

If yes, what model is it? If no, and you were to get a new phone today, would 5G capabilities be a priority for you?
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somedude15 · 22-25, M
[@980894,Jabulani] what phone is it?
[@595086,somedude15] it's a few years old and about 4G for €30 a month
SwampFlower · 26-30, F
It does not, sadly.
somedude15 · 22-25, M
[@871066,SwampFlower] do you think you really need it though? How's 5G coverage where you are? Thinking about getting a new phone and I'm still unsure about this
SwampFlower · 26-30, F
[@595086,somedude15] When I upgrade, I'll want the latest technologies. I use my devices until death or obsoletion so I want them to be future proof.
babydragon · 22-25, M
[c=800000]4g is good enough for me[/c]
Elessar · 26-30, M
[@881582,babydragon] Try using it in any sufficiently big city 🥴
EuphoricTurtle · 36-40, M
5 years ago I still had a nokia with a keypad. The only reason I got a smartphone was because I became unable to check the surf forecast with it

so.......no 😝
Lackwittyname · 46-50, M
Yes it does, iPhone 12. It would depend upon my budget and how long I expected to have the phone. If I was going to get another phone in a year or two, it would not be a priority as 5G is not widely available. If I planned on having it for awhile I would prefer it have it.
Elessar · 26-30, M
No, my 7€/mo mobile plan however gives me 70GB of 5G traffic already (in the areas where it's available ofc) 😌
No, I intentionally bought a 4G Samsung Galaxy A71. It is also offered in 5G.
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
My pixel has 5G. I am not at all interested in 5G and it was not the reason I bought the phone. I was the only pixel the store had on the shelf the day I was there.
Pfuzylogic · M
Yes I bought an Iphone12 a couple of months ago and that was an important requirement to lay that kind of money out.
KimMuhFknKim86 · 31-35, F
No sadly

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