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HAHAHAH i send all my love to the once that block me, HAHAHAH so amusing, muah!
22-25, F
8 replies
Oct 29, 2016
This message was deleted by its author.
This message was deleted by its author.
BlueHydrangea · 22-25, F
SenorSiesta · 41-45, M
Being blocked can have an empowering effect i can see:)
BlueHydrangea · 22-25, F
WhatShallIcallyou · 46-50, M
That is incentive to block you.
WhatShallIcallyou · 46-50, M
@BlueHydrangea: sorry, as much as you are enticing me with all of your love, you haven't met the criteria for blocking. Should you fill up the question feed with nonsense, repetitively ignore me when I answer your questions or troll me I'll block you in a flash.
Though, for anyone reading this, if you want me to block you, just go ahead and block me - it is the same result but saves the upset of bad behaviour.
BlueHydrangea · 22-25, F
Really, it's quite meaningless that you took the time to reply to my nonsense reply. I had no particular intention whatsoever, if you want to block me after this then go ahead, I'll be out of here for good within a few hours.
WhatShallIcallyou · 46-50, M
@BlueHydrangea: I wasn't considering your post as 'repetitive nonsense'. It is the ones that post repetitive nonsense that I block. Or those that post questions and then seem to ignore any answers I give (I presume they have muted me, probably because I'm a middle-aged male and too many of them misbehave).

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