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Do you ever feel the world wants to put you down?
I try so hard to put positivity out into the world. I really believed if you projected out good that it would come back to you. Lately it feels like people see that and want to crush it. If I want to be happy and see good in the world and the people in it then why do so many seem to want to take that away from me? Why is it so important to them that I become as jaded and pessimistic as they are? And the rare time they don’t it’s because they want to take advantage of me. I’m starting to think I was the idiot the whole time and this world is as garbage as everyone is telling me. I’m sorry for the rant. And don’t take this wrong I’m not going suicidal or self harm or anything. I guess I’m just disappointed is all.
18-21, F
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May 22, 2020
JupiterDreams · 26-30
I understand how you feel. Try not to lose that sparkle... somewhere out there someone needs it.
life14 · 26-30, F
[@381079,JupiterDreams] Word.
WuZetian · 31-35, F
You are right about the positivity but not all people are in the same road as we are. Stand firm with what you believe and distant yourself from hurting and people who intentionally hurt you.
Zonuss · 36-40, M
That's because the world thrives negativity. They don't wanna see you happy. They don't wanna see you smile. They wanna see you sad and down. But stay strong. Be happy anyway. And let your love shine around the world. 🙂
SurprisePartyRegicide · 18-21, M
The world... isn't really garbage. It's not really like anything, in my opinion. Most people are good until a sufficiently smooth-talking charlatan promises to fix all their problems or a man in a suit and tie tells them the crimes they're committing aren't that big a deal. And the few who are genuinely evil are so disgustingly evil that they tip the scales against the rest. I tend to have a very nihilistic view of things, but even I know that the cynics aren't really right and that what we do is basically just a really complicated form of psychological self-harm. I notice though, every time you're trying, and a part of me wants to thank you but I just can't make myself and I'm sorry. Nothing really matters and you're right.
cycleman · 56-60, M
don't feel you have to be at a strangers level. always be positive with yourself.
This message was deleted by its author.
Emosaur · M
Sometimes. I occasionally feel like bad/inconvenient things specifically happen to bring me down or make me feel depressed. I know how irrational that is, but I often can't help it.
saintsong · 36-40, F
I’m a happy personality too, but I too can see through the people to the demonic forces behind them! We do not wage war against flesh and blood but against principalities and , against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against a spiritual wickedness in high places. Satan can plant thoughts images desires all of our lives until we believe it’s us! To do his dirty work against each other so far I can see a spirit of lu$t and a spirit of nausea and a spirit that gives other people a bad feeling and so on in my own world these forces are not human but demonic but people don’t know that and act upon them when in reality we have a high priest Jesus Christ pleading our cause! Once we step back and see everything for what it really is and refuse to act upon these forces then Jesus can set us free!
Zonuss · 36-40, M
[@355536,saintsong] Best answer right here!!😌
MrPerditus1 · 56-60, M
You're right, there are a lot out there like that, maybe more so now with all that's going on. I think some people just don't like seeing others happy when their lives aren't. They may not understand what they are doing, but many do. Some could be jealous of how you are or even that they aren't being mean on purpose, but could be thinking they are helping you so as not to get hurt by all the others out there. For whatever reason, your brightness has attracted some of the darker elements.

But know this, your "rant" though necessary to help you isn't a bad thing. We all need to let out the steam of pain or sadness or disappointment. You are sharing something with others and that's always a good thing.

I'm an old fart compared to some and still relatively young compared to others, I've seen a lot in my short life and not even close to everything, but I still try to find the lighter things in life and people, I still try to do what is the right thing no matter what, because if you can pass that brightness to just one person, that's a lot. They might have needed that to help them through their darkest period. I have my own darkness's to fight and it's been people with that light inside them reaching out that has helped me so many times. I value them so much. I didn't ask, but they offered.

I don't know if anything I've said makes sense or is helpful but don't give up is what my motto is, then again, I'm a stubborn cuss and so far, hasn't figured out how to give up.

If you're being taken advantage of, might be a good time to pull back some, even go so far as to say something. Some might not realize while others will be offended and those are the ones to distance yourself from, even if for only a little time. Whatever works for you.

You're not an idiot and this world is full of all kinds. There are still decent people out there. I've found a couple here and elsewhere. I hope you feel better, I hope your rant helps and I hope that maybe something I said just might make some sense.

Be safe and take care. 🌷🔆

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