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i appreciate a roomy mouth
so many end up with fucked teeth because there's not enough space for them to grow properly. people feed prepared shit to babies and those babies grow up and feed prepared shit to their babies and eventually their mouths end up smaller because they're so used to the prepared shit and now there's a fuckton of people in need of braces. hunter-gatherers have the best jaws 馃憤
22-25, F
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May 22, 2020
TexChik36-40, F
Genetics more than diet are the factor . If there is a tooth size arch space discrepancy, a habit ( thumb sucking), or congenitally missing teeth , professional intervention is required to correct the issue
mabari22-25, F
[@113373,TexChik] yeah, the genetics you got from your agricultural greatgreatgreat whatnot. human jaws have been getting smaller in agricultural societies
TexChik36-40, F
[@907040,mabari] yep evolution has shortened the jaws making the 鈥 wisdom teeth鈥 a big problem for some . Some are actually burn without 3rd molar buds now
TimingQuasars22-25, M
I was born with some nice teeth usually most people are. As a child my teeth were not the greatest though. They were alittle crooked... As i got older they became straighter and whiter. I also floss thoroughly. I also have a small mouth but my teeth fit fine. Theyre not crooked mostly straight. I had a gf before with teeth more crooked than mine and i loved her smile still. I think most poeople are that way if you get braces thats fineni guess but if you domt that's fine too... I never needed braces but people should love thier smile mo matter what.

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