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Player, give me some brew an I might just chill
But I'm the type that like to light another joint
Like Cypress Hill
I steal doobies, spit loogies when I puff on it
I got some bucks on it, but it ain't enough on it
Go get the S-T. I-D-E-S
Never the less, I'm hella fresh
Rollin' joints like a cigarette
So pass it cross the table like ping pong
I'm gone, beatin' my chest like King Kong
It's on, wrap my lips around a 40
And when it comes to get another stogie
Fools all kick in like Shinobi
No, he ain't my homie to begin with
It's too many heads to be proper to let my friend hit it
Unless you pull out the fat, crispy
Five dollar bill on the real before it's history
'Cause fools be having them vacuum lungs
An' if you let 'em hit it for free you hella dum-da-dum-dumb
I come to school with the Taylor on my earlobe
Avoiding all the thick teasers, skeezers, and weirdos
That be blowing off the land like where the bomb at
Give me two bucks, you take a puff and pass my bomb back
Suck up the dank like a Slurpee
The serious bomb will make a niggy go delirious like Eddie Murphy
I got more Growing Pains than Maggie
'Cause, e homie, snag me to take the dank out of the baggie.
31-35, M
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4 days ago

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Player, give me some brew an I might just chill | Miscellaneous | Similar Worlds