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Lockdown in numbers

A few days in to lockdown I started keeping a tally of things out of curiosity, anyone else keeping count / how do you compare? 馃槅 I am technically working from home but it doesn't take up all of my day and I can still mostly do it while Netflix etc is on. (For me lockdown started three weeks ago, for reference)

17 films watched 馃槸
4 different outfits worn 馃槾
3 series binge watched from start to finish 馃樀
4 takeaway pizzas ordered 馃構
2 books read 馃
7 bags of m&ms eaten 馃惙
2 online workouts completed 馃挭
8 family video chats 馃グ
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Yulianna22-25, F
good to see you keep so busy 馃槃

but 21 days, 4 outfits... are you naked most of the time?
helsbels26-30, F
[@156315,Yulianna] haha, no, just barely changed out of my sloppy house clothes / pjs 馃槄
LondonCowboy46-50, M
[@1102403,helsbels] Dirty Girl 馃槑馃槅馃槝
Yulianna22-25, F
[@1102403,helsbels] 馃嚭馃嚘馃馃尰 hahaha, ok!
Stereoguy56-60, M
Oh wow! I never thought about keeping track. We have done three or four series from beginning to end. Numerous movies. We usually have takeout every other day. I usually walk every other day. And about the same as you with the four outfits.
Peppa26-30, F
[@78387,Stereoguy] you two are so cute... Love you both x
Peppa26-30, F
That's a lot of different things.
Not really watched films maybe 3
I've gotten washed pretty much everyday and dressed.
Watched two 8 part series
No takeaway as it didn't arrive.
No books read.
Half a bag of m&ms
No online workouts.
3 family video chats.
3 online dj live sets.
1 drawing in progress.

lol Are you an accountant? :P

What was the best movie??
helsbels26-30, F
[@1073303,Ksmile14] lol, far from it. I'm a TA
I enjoyed a few, some on Disney+
Thor Ragnarok, Prince Caspian, Treasure Planet (seen them all already though)
and 50/50 and Mr Right on Netflix which were new to me
[@1102403,helsbels] Sounds like a good mix of stuff! Stay safe ok? 馃
LondonCowboy46-50, M
[@1073303,Ksmile14] Stay Safe too 馃挐
Quizzical41-45, M
I think it just goes to show, all of this travelling and commuting is largely unnecessary for a hell of a lot of people
And a partridge in a pear treeeee
Tukudo36-40, M
So,world moves more in to the virtual reality 馃榾
Mtwa8546-50, M
Sound like you have an eventful lockdown
SW User
Got lots done but not counting
Hotelroom3846-50, M
oh to have good internet.... :(
quitwhendone46-50, M
11 films watched, 1/2 of a book read, 10 lbs. gained.

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