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what do you think of most americans?
26-30, M
12 replies
Mar 26, 2020
human beings
Barebum61 · 56-60, M
Don't know any
I heard they all wear hats.
I am one. We’re like any other group of people, some good, some bad.
MethDozer · M
The coolest and most interesting of the Anglophones.
raysam363 · 26-30, M
A strange question, the US is essentially several countries mashed into one. Still, by and large they're fine outside of cities.
Mamapolo2016 · 61-69, F
I don't know most Americans, but the ones I know are about 90% decent kind folks, another 7% or so unlikeable to me and a few nasty and potentially dangerous. These percentages pretty much hold true globally.
Mbingh01 · 61-69, F
I was almost afraid to read the replies. I feel like the rest of the world hates us, but there are good ppl and bad ppl in any country.
Silverwings · 61-69, F
[@821043,Mbingh01] I don't feel like that at all, there are still soooooo many who would give anything to be here, that is what I
think about.
Silverwings · 61-69, F
I think they are just like me for the most part, hopeful, patriotic, good work ethic, good for the most part, helpful, but then you also have the selfish, lazy, egoistical, you owe me, not my fault, not on my block, so we are really a melting pot still.
plungesponge · 36-40, M
I see the "USA" as three distinct entities, and I suspect the reason for a lot of arguments is because they get mixed up.

There's a Hollywood version of the USA, a very stylized larger-than-life representation. Some people love it for it's story telling and themes of hope, action, and justice. Others hate it for it's irresponsible violence, drugs and sex, or pushing non conservative lifestyles. That's how most of the world sees the USA.

Then there's the military industrial corporate government complex. These are the billionaires, lobby groups, the CIA covert ops, NSA surveillance. Anyone in the political and business world will come into contact with this America. It's the elite 1%, squeezing everyone for a dime, including the USA itself. This is almost universally disliked outside of the USA.

Then there's actual American citizens. These are the ordinary folks, the middle class, working class. They are proud of their country as any other person, prouder still their country is the sole superpower. American pie, the American Dream, and community hospitality, the whole thing.

The issue is that people will often attack one of these USAs and the other two become collateral damage. And people will often protect one of these USAs even if it means protecting the others which need to be addressed

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