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Getting ready to get a divorce.
I'm tired of trying. Everything is convenient for my spouse, but not for me. I don't even feel as though I am in a marriage or relationship. I'm sick not being a priority, I'm tired of the cycle, I'm ready to go.

Now, what is the process?
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Nov 19, 2019
curiosi · 56-60, F
Either you hire a lawyer or you go to the courthouse yourself and file paperwork.
FORMERLYbatovn · 56-60, M
Well finding a lawyer......are there kids involved? Are you employed? Have you thought about who is gonna volunteer to move out? Shared property....there are many things but keep focused Nd understand you're not gonna do this alone. Get a support system and understand many states require counseling before a divorce can be filed
StevetheSleeve · 26-30, M
A lawyer if there are complications you can foresee. Or save money and do the paperwork yourselves. Best of luck.
My mom was in the same situation with my step dad. My step hired a lawyer who likes to lie and my step dad trying everything to put my mom down.

My mom didn't had a lawyer.
After everything ended with a divorce. Everything backfire against them. The lawyer waiting to get paid $12,000 while my step dad filed bankruptcy.
Roach · F
[@860047,GoMilkMeARiverForMyNippleFloat] terrible
SW User
First, you need to seek counseling. Don't just throw your marriage away without trying counseling. I can assure you, no marriage is perfect and the grass is never green.

Perhaps, divorce is imminent but I have talked to people who have been on the verge of divorce and went to counseling and they are happily married now. I have one friend who divorced his wife and now they are planning a wedding again.

I would suggest Christian marriage counseling.
Roach · F
[@1039984,Yeshua] marriage isn't a game
SW User
[@1005959,Hhhhhhh] Is it a prison?
Roach · F
[@1039984,Yeshua] it can feel that way, but no
english · 51-55, M
well you can have the final talk,to make sure then its who will be staying in family home, first thing is finding alternative housing, if its not you,after that deciding wether you both both are going fight over everything, or split things yourselves and miss on a giant lawyers can do your divorce if you both agree,for less than 300 bucks it will take 6 months can be done all line . i can give the name of company if decide on the latter, good luck ,any questions pm me .🙃
Roach · F
[@644861,english] seems as though you speak from experience
english · 51-55, M
[@1005959,Hhhhhhh] 3 times experience ,🤣 im dam near an expert 😛
If you are unhappy get out
Experienced33 · 56-60, M
Talk about it...
Roach · F
[@493455,Experienced33] ?
xixgun · M
Contact a lawyer and spend thousands
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
I was done officially 16 years ago today. Be sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, because it is an all-out war. There's money, time, lawyers, courts, paperwork(depositions), and a lot of heartbreak. The more money, real estate, and kids, the more it's going to be a huge pain in the ass.

You're going to have to get a lawyer and pay him a retainer first, then serve your spouse with papers after you file, then the gloves come off and you fight over everything and anything. It does not go quickly and is arduous, so be certain that there is no alternative.

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