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Who wants to have a sleepover like when we were kids?

You know sleeping bags on the floor, hot chocolate and popcorn, we'll do each other's nails and hair. Stay up late talking about crushes and telling ghost stories!!
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...and the ouija board. You forgot the ouija board. Can’t do a sleepover without the ouija board.
luvnsunshine · 22-25, F
[@573853,tidywhites] omg yes!!!! Gotta have that!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁
It’s always the best when the shy nerdy girl becomes possessed by Zozo and literally climbs the wall and spits pea soup. [@448880,luvnsunshine]
daddybrad49 · 61-69, M
Gone12345 · 41-45, M
I’m in. What time you want me over?
luvnsunshine · 22-25, F
[@573853,tidywhites] who's zozo?
Gone12345 · 41-45, M
[@448880,luvnsunshine] I was wondering the same thing lol
An alleged demon from the 6th circle of Hades. Some morons messing with ouija summon it and alleged bad things have occurred. [@448880,luvnsunshine]
TheCoolestCat · 31-35, M
will there be drugs and booze?
luvnsunshine · 22-25, F
[@335784,TheCoolestCat] no way! This sleepover is about good clean fun!

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