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Transformation. Metamorphosis
Ive lost over 50 pounds in about 2 months. Because of that, i have started working out. I was just running like hell at first, then i found an “Insanity” workout routine that my older brother left behind. I am about a week in and the results are being felt. I have lots of energy, despite my body being constantly drained. I am past the point of sore muscles. Got that on day one and worked it out the next day and havent been sore since. But i am super tired, physically. I just recently received a 50% cut in hours at work, which is fine for now. I go days without sitting down sometimes, and i haven't missed a workout yet. I haven't had more than a couple hour naps in the past week. Ive hit a couple of walls. Id love to say i broke past them but it would be more accurate to say i collapsed through them. Fell through them. Crashed on them with my face so hard they broke. I push myself to the point of vomiting and passing out. I always feel great for it. I have also started wearing weights. Wrist and ankle. I also got my hands on a weighted vest and i was super excited about that. Its done wonders. The tremors and tics have almost stopped. My joints feel better. Hips too. My muscles dont randomly hurt anymore and i the extra weight gives me more control over my movements. Im actually less clumsy.
I have been working from 11-5 and then 6-6 then 11-5 then 6-6 for the past week. My first break is at 6am, when i get off. I was expecting to work a double, but a schedule change and now i dont work till 4. I wander how long i will sleep. Im super tired. Im up, but im tired.
A meaningless ramble.
26-30, M
8 replies
Jun 11, 2019
tdawg · 18-21, M
Congratulations. Keep up the good shit!!
tdawg · 18-21, M
Lol right on.
ShadowOfMyself · 26-30, M
It sucks that it took what it did to get me here. But i havent been in a better spot...[@948610,ThanosTheOG]
tdawg · 18-21, M
[@911048,ShadowOfMyself] i like that confident behavior lol. Apply that shit to everything.
laotzu92 · 61-69, M
Slow down.
ShadowOfMyself · 26-30, M
I cant slow down, i cant hold back. Though, you know i wish i could....[@1777,laotzu92]
laotzu92 · 61-69, M
[@911048,ShadowOfMyself] As they say in kung fu, "With every breath, change is possible."
Or if you prefer Shakespeare,
"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars / But in ourselves..."

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