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Who else gets annoyed when someone uses the word pattened

What words almost drive you to backhanding someone before buying them a dictionary
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KellyLancaster · 22-25, F's such a creepy word
KellyLancaster · 22-25, F
[@948463,Leejay] underwear or knickers
SW User
[@15399,KellyLancaster] I'm comfortable with underwear, but it might need elaboration in action, if someone asks can you pass my pink underwear, I would ask do you mean the pink bra or panties 😂
KellyLancaster · 22-25, F
[@948463,Leejay] ewww stop
EugenieLaBorgia · 26-30, F
Velly true! Most pleople cannot spyeak or yite yopperly! It's a dizgrace!
what the heck is "pattened" supposed to mean?
[@948463,Leejay] Thank you.
SW User
[@845128,LamontCranston] no probs, just, never use it, ever 😂
[@948463,Leejay] i assure you!

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