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When i look back at all the time we spent together
I realize i didn't enjoy most of it. From the get-go it was navigating muddy waters. I go back to the earliest memories we share together and joy is not an emotion that is evoked. Uncertainty. Doubt. Worry. Even now, looking back, those were not good memories for me. Flying across the world to see you. Meeting your parents and sharing holidays with be lying if i said that i would miss it. I cared very little for the things you had to show me. It was cool going to the beach, seeing blackpool, london, Manchester, all really neat. But i wouldnt have gone there if you were not the one who wanted to go. I dont care about those things. Im not a tourist. Travel has never interested me. I dont like meeting people. I can't stand crowded places. We are just two too different people. The fact we made it last 7 years should be something to be proud of, i suppose. It wasnt a waste of time. I learned alot about myself thanks to you. Im not worried that we wont get back together. I do not want back together. I hope you get your stuff sorted so i can actually be around you without my patience slowly dwindling. You're cool and all, but i cant really cant stand to be around you anymore. Your personality is grating to me. Im grateful for the time we had, it allowed me to grow. I grew enough to know that i need to do more growing, alone. Thanks, for everything. But i think I'm over you now
26-30, M
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May 26, 2019
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