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Why do all feminine gay guys act the same?
18-21, F
20 replies
May 15, 2019
anotherclone · 31-35, M
cuz Illuminati
‘Gay’ is a personality for many. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Quizzical · 41-45, M
[@420709,LithiumDrop] Unfortunately 🙄
It's in the rule book you receive when you get accepted and receive your gay card
Eddiesolds · 56-60, M
My cousin is like that also.its just the way they are
NativeOregonian · 46-50
It's all an act that needs to stop.
JupiterDreams · 26-30
[@834933,ComradeJesusChrist] 🚓🚔️ *warble warble*
[@381079,JupiterDreams] *runs gayly*
[@381079,JupiterDreams] [image=]
Quizzical · 41-45, M
They believe that is the way they are supposed to act, mainly through the media telling them so...

Find a gay guy who has been 'out' five or ten years and very few of them will be camp anymore. Their natural personality and manner will have reasserted itself for the most part.
Lostpoet · 31-35, M
Because it attracts gay dick?
St0ut · 46-50, M
I watch queer guy. And really I think I could have a conversation with all of the guys except the flamboyant one.
Just because you gay doesn’t mean you have to play a fool
[@749552,St0ut] I agree
strongbow · 41-45, M
Its the gay way
[@395188,strongbow] [image=]

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Why do all feminine gay guys act the same? | Miscellaneous | Similar Worlds