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Should public figures stay away from Twitter?
Twitter has cost a lot of controversy for so many famous people, especially the random ones they make while drunk it cost Roseanne her 2 Million a season deal, after her tweet. I wonder why Trump never gets in trouble he tweets some of the worst stuff! Do these people have adviser's?
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May 10, 2019
after awhile you get numb to their shite ..
[@10925,waleskinder] Can you believe I never had a Twitter account? Or Instagram? I'm only on Facebook! But I never get the urge to write random weird sh*! lol I think everyone has inner racist in them it's just human nature but the difference is intelligent people don't say it out loud or broadcast it 馃ぃ馃ぃ
Politicians can go direct to the people and avoid media censorship by posting on Twitter and other direct social media.
Yes. World leaders at any level should not have a Twitter or any social media presence.
The thing is with Trump is that he's a Sociopath. And I don't use that phrase lightly. So the 'normal' rules don't apply.
For celebs who use Twitter to share their every thought? Makes sense. You have to REALLY want to be seen and heard to be in the business. Twitter is a perfect extension for those driven by "look at me." Sometimes there's repercussions from that.
JoyfulSilence41-45, M
Trump never listens to advice. I think his aides just don't even bother anymore.

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