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Does anyone else hate eggs? 馃あ

I haven鈥檛 had them since I was like 5 when I pushed a plate of them away my mom served and told her I can鈥檛 eat this junk anymore. They make me sick 馃馃ぎ馃あ never had them since

Yes I know they鈥檙e in cakes and stuff but I can鈥檛 actually taste them 馃槀
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Somewhereovertherainbow46-50, F Best Comment
Hate eggs as well...
GBPackersFan41-45, M
My God you鈥檝e just earned best answer. Well done 馃憤 [@470400,Somewhereovertherainbow]
[@490377,GBPackersFan] 馃榿 too funny.... honestly so many people were like, you honestly hate eggs? I'm like YAAAA ......

Only green eggs ...
ragingfire31-35, M
I love eggs, but I am experimenting with my diet without them. Omelet is my favorite.
PoizonApple41-45, F
I adore eggs
I love eggs馃馃槏鉂わ笍
GBPackersFan41-45, M
Well then we can鈥檛 be SW friends anymore lucky 馃崁 for you! Kidding 馃槀[@435994,MightyAphrodite]
i hated eggs too when i was a kid. now i can eat scrambled or an omelette but not a fried or boiled one
abe18246-50, M
I love eggs eat them every day
GBPackersFan41-45, M
Yeah I know I鈥檓 in the minority 馃槀but you really do eat them every day?[@9825,abe182]
cherokeepatti61-69, F
Egg allergy seems to be common, I鈥檝e known several people who got severe headaches when they ate them, even a little mayo on a sandwich had enough in it to make them sick all day.
Everybody loves eggs
I throw one at you for being a weirdo 馃 馃槼
GBPackersFan41-45, M
馃槀馃槀 well throw them at me all you want and long as they don鈥檛 enter my mouth 馃槀[@809152,Marta]
I love me some eggs
馃榿 thanks for b/a
Aboomachu31-35, M
For a while I had a hard time eating them, with my new diet I鈥檒l eat them a little more often
juiceyangel33326-30, F
Let's out a puff of Lady gas... I like eggs
Fungirlmmm46-50, F
I don't eat eggs. They make me very sick.
JesseInTX46-50, M
Can鈥檛 stand them
I love eggs
Synyster46-50, M
I eat eggs almost everyday.
Eggs are nasty 馃あ
lizdel61-69, F
They gross me out!

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