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I think I just took the worlds biggest dump 馃槀
31-35, M
17 replies
Apr 15, 2019
ShadowByte46-50, M
What the actual fuck. Are you 5 or retarded
Aboomachu31-35, M
[@609365,ShadowByte] no to both
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Like losing weight or virginity....both
Aboomachu31-35, M
[@325434,jetpack] definitely losing weight from this thing
Aboomachu31-35, M
Lol it鈥檚 funny you think I鈥檓 stoned
nah, just funny you shit your pants .. 馃ぃ
AlienZipper56-60, M
You shouldn't call your post a dump, but, hey
indyjoe51-55, M
Aboomachu31-35, M
[@676121,indyjoe] should I call Guinness world records? 馃槀
indyjoe51-55, M
[@347985,Aboomachu] I think you should call Dr. Phil...馃え
LucyFuhr51-55, F
I was going to do the [b]"pics or it didn't happen"[/b] thing
...and then I remembered the subject matter
...and where we are...
...and how likely it is that you may have actually taken a picture.

I'll just say, [b]"Congratulations"[/b] and leave it at that.
Aboomachu31-35, M
[@8345,LucyFuhr] 馃ぃ 馃ぃ 馃ぃ no I didn鈥檛 take pics.
LucyFuhr51-55, F
[@347985,Aboomachu] There's hope for humanity after all LOL
Aboomachu31-35, M
I鈥檒l take pictures of food and share them all day long, but when it comes to poo, that鈥檚 not something you share with all to see
SW User
I should have mentioned when I was shitting orange oil last week because of ketosis. Now that is unreal 馃ぇ
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I think I just took the worlds biggest dump 馃槀 | Miscellaneous | Similar Worlds