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Should the U.S. follow New Zealands example of blurring a mass shooters face whenever he’s in court?
I think so. We publicize mass murderers too damn much by showing their face on camera and posting it everywhere. It makes copycats eager to seek that level of attention as well.
26-30, F
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Mar 17, 2019
Puffieke · F
We’ve tried something similar but ultimately people will want to know and the media has a right to report it.
Tracos · 46-50, M
[@14748,Puffieke] the right ...yes ..
the obligation... No...
Yes. Also don’t give out his name or his “cause”.

USA media glorifies mass shooters because they get more “clicks” that way.
LvChris · 36-40, M
In today's world, it's pretty impossible to stop things like pictures, manifestos, and even videos from bouncing around the globe within minutes. I'd love to see these guys get no infamy for heinous acts.
Italianskies · 51-55, MVIP
Im for these types of criminals, the muslim ones too, to be HUNG, DRAWN, and QUARTERED publicly. Like in the good ole medieval times.
Noahkahol · 61-69, M
Serial killers wanting the public to not see what they look like probably exist also. That might not be a good answer to a complicated problem.

Especially since why he did it wasn't made a secret.
It's more about privacy of a "suspect" who hasn't been found guilty yet, I believe. Besides of that, his face has been plastered everywhere, I think the blurring in this case is just adding notoriety; it's not like people seeing his *face* would change anything, everybody knows WHO he is now.

If he cared he would've put his face on the live feed of his shooting, but he purposefully kept himself out of it and made it first-person so that people so inclined can have fantasies of THEMSELVES in his place. The blurring of his face in court only completes that fantasy.
Tracos · 46-50, M
I feel they should even beep out whenever the name is mentioned... People like that should vanish into oblivion.... They are despicable vermin, not worth an identity, and should justly be dealt with accordingly...
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