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Some really fugly pages from my sketchbook so y'all can roast the shit outta them, 'cause I got nothing better to do 馃槶馃し
I messed up some drawing on the page and then scribbled all over it 馃う[image=]
[image=][image=][image=][image=] Her face looks like a potato smh 馃槶[image=] [image=][image=][image=] Tried to draw a friend, major FAIL 馃あ[image=]
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Mar 16, 2019
Wol6246-50, M
You have done some great art here!
Wol6246-50, M
[@182738,Azrael] Nope, to break the ice, I just laughed and said "awww talk about button mushroom time"
[@873911,Wol62] lmfao that's great! 馃槀
Wol6246-50, M
[@182738,Azrael] Seriously, one of the women in the class pointed at a copy of this statue...she said it had a bigger one.
SW User
The bottom one is great
[@849170,lostexplorer] noooo xD
Wol6246-50, M
[@849170,lostexplorer] I know, I was thinking the same thing!
hyg34636-40, M
Better than I can do! 馃憤
[@663504,hyg346] I see 馃槄
hyg34636-40, M
[@182738,Azrael] yeah I'm not artistic in the slightest 馃槀
[@663504,hyg346] aww I see xD 馃憖
4th one downs pretty cool. looks like 2 ghosts from spirited away or something.
SomeMichGuy46-50, M
wow I like your Medusa, the heart in the next photo, the purple-and-black face in the _next_ photo, and the face on the left-hand page in the next-to-last photo

I see that that last drawing I mentioned has nice shading for a good sense of volume & seems that you are trying to achieve some of the same effect with the highlights in the (color) drawing in the last pic.

I think you are finding how to make more realistic drawings and are at a critical point where, if you keep up your work, you will see most of your work look that way, then nearly all of it, then all of keep drawing!
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Some really fugly pages from my sketchbook so y... | Miscellaneous | Similar Worlds