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Am I Stupid?

I am half Norweigan/half German. But American. Am I stupid to not know almost any Noreweigan? I do know some German though.
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BestMeow · 22-25, F
Nah. You’re an American.

Also I’m Irish and Hispanic but am neither fluent in Spanish nor Gaelic
SW User
im half polish and i barely speak or understand it. i feel like i should. though
JacobMacon · 31-35, M
[@838272,DaydreamingAgain] We both should.
Nordic languages are tough. My Dad’s and grandparents are native speakers.
[@855793,JacobMacon] I can speak mostly fluent Icelandic and incredibly broken Norwegian. I’m US born though.
JacobMacon · 31-35, M
[@605647,Nothingness] Nice. My grandparents are straight from Norway.
[@855793,JacobMacon] My Dad’s heritage is Norse Scandinavian, so our ancestors were not indigenous to Iceland. More than likely Norwegian Vikings that settled in Iceland. The Vikings sort of got around and stuff. lol 🦋
MissMoon · 22-25, F
My family line is a mix of Scottish, American and Japanese but I don't know any Japanese :) It's not stupid, you don't need to know a language because you are genetically related to someone who speaks (or spoke) it
Fernie · F
speaking or not speaking another language has nothing to do with intelligence
Blondee · F
No you're not stupid. lol I'm of Scandinavian descent too, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish and I do not know any of those languages. My grandparents spoke it and had thick accents but they are long gone.
JacobMacon · 31-35, M
[@605074,Blondie03] Thank you. Yeah mine too.
[@605074,Blondie03] [@855793,JacobMacon] Difference for me was my Dad spent his childhood there and came to US as a teenager. If it was just my grandparents, I’m sure that I wouldn’t know.

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