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Which accent do you have and which accent is your favorite and least favorite?
26-30, M
103 replies
Dec 6, 2018
Canadian for me and I love Irish accents. 馃挋
[@107498,submissivelittlewoman] right? 鉂わ笍
CapNCrunch26-30, M
[@574445,Lilymoon] gotta love an Irish accent
[@574445,Lilymoon] totally!
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anotherclone31-35, M
sand people accent and like Russian and Japanese accent
CapNCrunch26-30, M
[@59911,anotherclone] duuuude 馃槶
CapNCrunch26-30, M
[@383944,Thodsis] not sure. I鈥檝e never seen Star Trek
JimboUk26-30, M
[@59911,anotherclone] 馃槀 man said sand people lol
EatingCereal18-21, M
I got the formal English accent and can imitate many
TheWildEcho51-55, M
I've got a good Lancashire accent!
No one understands me when I go down south lol
CapNCrunch26-30, M
[@722316,TheWildEcho] that鈥檚 such a wild accent lmao
Thodsis46-50, M
The abrasive Noo Yoik accent is a difficult experience. The people from Southern Ireland have a lovely voice. I, of course, have no discernible accent at all. ;)
Thodsis46-50, M
[@820376,CapNCrunch] They talk shit about themselves. Why shouldn't I? :)
CapNCrunch26-30, M
[@383944,Thodsis] tbh I always get made fun of when I go outside nyc lmao
Thodsis46-50, M
[@820376,CapNCrunch] The outsiders only have one book available for them. And they speak it in tongues.
ScissorhandsFingeredMe18-21, F
I have the ugly greek accent when I speak english and I don't have a favorite or least favorite one.
CapNCrunch26-30, M
[@8344,ScissorhandsFingeredMe] I haven鈥檛 heard that yet 馃槀
ScissorhandsFingeredMe18-21, F
[@820376,CapNCrunch] haha it's better that way
CapNCrunch26-30, M
[@8344,ScissorhandsFingeredMe] lmao!
Caprice36-40, F
West African and Russian are my favorite.
CapNCrunch26-30, M
[@663036,Caprice] Russian is so intimidating 馃槀
CapNCrunch26-30, M
[@607935,HijabaDabbaDoo] wud you like sum crumpets love
5thApprentice26-30, M
I have a kiwi accent and I like all accents except for australians because theyre australians.
5thApprentice26-30, M
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] Nah I'm not Maori but they're like cousins. lol
5thApprentice26-30, M
[@820376,CapNCrunch] Its great, man. Its like australians except better.
5thApprentice26-30, M
[@751905,Xiehyue] with kindness and love.
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