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Ever encountered them? I bet you have.
The only solution I found to rid of them was to eliminate such foulness out of my life although I cannot imagine how much they actually took from me for all this time, considering the "issues" I'm dealing with lately. Must be deeper than I thought.

22-25, F
35 replies
Sep 29, 2018
MrBrownstone · 41-45, M
Yeah. I have to always be very careful as I amplify things. Even negative things. Narcissists are very dangerous.
[@813563,3kstasy] None on my face, neck, or hands though.
Absenthe · 22-25, F
[@605647,APuppetFreed] Sorry for the late reply. I was caught up with "stuff" Metal band? Cool stuff 😎
[@813563,3kstasy] ✌️
Rokasu · 31-35, M
Probably but I'm too in control of myself for them to do anything.
Absenthe · 22-25, F
[@16030,Rokasu] You don't have to control to teach/instruct others either.
Rokasu · 31-35, M
[@813563,3kstasy] I meant from the perspective of the social energy leech. I can try to teach whatever but it really depends on the student's willingness. I haven't found many willing students.
Absenthe · 22-25, F
[@16030,Rokasu] That sucks then what are they doing there in the first place eh? :P
Noni33 · 26-30, F
I need This .Thanks For your Post 🌹
Absenthe · 22-25, F
[@401865,Noni33] Of course. Inspiration and experience are the keys <3 🤗
Noni33 · 26-30, F
Love This ,Thanks🤗[@813563,3kstasy]
Absenthe · 22-25, F
[@401865,Noni33] <3
I had met one here. She's a popular member and often play victim card so I ran away from her. 😫
Absenthe · 22-25, F
[@806229,Thecarpenter] Well you did the right choice if it was affecting you.
[@813563,3kstasy] not just me.. It affected someone I know too. Played mind games with a person who suffers from PTSD. Sigh!
Absenthe · 22-25, F
[@806229,Thecarpenter] Uhuh yikes that's not good at all.
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Ever encountered them? I bet you have. | Miscellaneous | Similar Worlds