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How does it feel to be new in new place ?
22-25, F
19 replies
Jul 30, 2018
SW User
carsonfry · 36-40, M
Depends on the new place. This new place, I hate, but I have the opportunity to change it, after I change it, it will be awesome. The last new place I loved, I was more comfortable there, and I did not have to change anything.
LyricalOne · F
Scary, but it can also be interesting and exciting.
Alex1610 · F
Nervous because you don't know what to expect but also excited because you're trying something new
AnneHoney · 31-35, F
If it’s traveling then it’s fun
Experienced33 · 56-60, M
AnneHoney · 31-35, F
If you want a green check by your name just post a nude selfie
LittlePurple · 22-25, F
[@557376,AnneHoney] lol
Goralski · 46-50, M
Hmmmmm feels newish
cashless · M
If I am there for a good reason then hopeful...otherwise nervous! You?
LittlePurple · 22-25, F
[@758133,cashless] somehow .. new situation
cashless · M
[@786057,LittlePurple] Let's hope you adapt to it soon. 😼
LittlePurple · 22-25, F
[@758133,cashless] Amen 🙏🏼
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How does it feel to be new in new place ? | Miscellaneous | Similar Worlds