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Any German people on here?
Im listening to a song called Walpurgisnacht and I'm just curious as to what that actually is.
22-25, M
24 replies
May 11, 2018
Esmeralda · 31-35, F
There is one i know. Dipshit
SpaceCreature · 22-25, F
Why dont you Google it?
NagaLord19 · 22-25, M
[@9257,SpaceCreature] because nit everything on Google is fully accurate.
SpaceCreature · 22-25, F
[@21056,NagaLord19] you'll probably get a jist of it.
NagaLord19 · 22-25, M
[@9257,SpaceCreature] maybe. But I'm on this site so why not ask right?
SW User
Someone asked for a German?
SW User
[@9257,SpaceCreature] :( Oh okay.
SpaceCreature · 22-25, F
[@479586,DlPSHIT] 🤗
NagaLord19 · 22-25, M
[@479586,DlPSHIT] yes. Im of German descent. What is Walpurgisnacht?
gfantasy · 51-55, M
CopperCicada · 51-55, M
It's literally "Walpurga's' Night". Referring to Saint Walpurga who brought Christianity to Bavaria-- and who protects against plague and witches.

On her feast-- Walpurgisnacht-- they have bonfires to keep the witches and evil spirits away. Her relics are in the town that had the last witch trial in modern times, Eichstaett*.

There are identical things in other parts of Europe. Like in the North it is St. John's Eve.

People like burning shit.

[i]*that might be wrong. there might have been trials in Europe after Eichstaett.[/i]
SW User
[@482591,CopperCicada] I don't even know what Eichstaett is. :S
CopperCicada · 51-55, M
[@479586,DlPSHIT] It's a city between Muenchen and Nuremberg.
SW User
[@482591,CopperCicada] Bah, München sucks!
I know why I don't know it though, it moved from being in the superior district of Franken to the loser district that is Oberbayern!

I don't know anything outside of Franken.
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