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Everyone's afraid of their own lives..
If you could be anything you want I bet you'd be disappointed.
Am I right?
36-40, M
8 replies
May 4, 2018
Adaydreambeliever · 51-55, F
I really don't think so :P
Pambi · 22-25, F
I fear not my life at all.
No. I'd be a highly spiritual being who has a lot of butt secks.
Trevo · 22-25, M
What? If I could be anything I want, everyone else would not exist. So why would I be disappointed?
SW User
I'm leaning towards no, but I don't think I fully get what you mean.
rckt148 · 56-60, M
I worked hard to get to the place I am in life
All my needs met ,a family that loves me
happy with myself
Enough tools to start a bunch of companies
Enough equipment to go on the road again ,except now its all mine
Yea I am up in years ,and I need a pain pill to function some days
But I would not trade my life or my car for another one
At least with mine ,I know what I've got ,,if its broken ,I now have the experience to fix it .
People who are unhappy with their lives ,have not had enough real problems to overcome .hardship and struggle ,real problems to overcome ,thats what shapes you

Lay flat of your back a while because your spine won't let you walk
Lose everything you worked hard for a few times and have to start from scratch and it was not your fault this time ,it was your health
Find out you have a disease eating your spine ,and it was from a vaccine you took in the service of your county that cause it ,but there is not a damn thing you can do to change it ,you still have to go on ,life is not stopping because you hurt .
Overcoming life's problems ,thats what builds character ,shows you who you are .
And the pain that don't kill you ,makes you stronger .
People who wish they were someone else ,have not faced
This is it ,make the best of it ,or die complaining
We don't get to be someone else ,we all have to play the cards we're dealt
the faster you accept that ,the better life can be ,,work harder if you have to ,but live your life to the fullest ,stop wishing you were someone else ,,
its not happening
you can change your appearance ,the life style you live
but you are still you now matter how hard you try and change that .
And in the morning ,you may fool everyone else
But you know who you are ,and the only way to make it better or worse
is by being you ,
or pretend ,live your life as a fake ,forever unhappy with who you are
WesTheHuman · 36-40, M
So it's safe to say no one here listens to Modest Mouse. 😂
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Everyone's afraid of their own lives.. | Miscellaneous | Similar Worlds