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do you have daddy issues

Go ahead and cry little girl
Nobody does it like you do
I know how much it matters to you
I know that you got daddy issues
And if you were my little girl
I'd do whatever I could do
I'd run away and hide with you
I love that you got daddy issues
And I do too
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TacoCat · 22-25, M
Nice song
Diablobikergirl · 26-30, F
yes it is but I really have daddy issues
Love the neighbourhood
ozgirl512 · 26-30, F
Never did quite understand that ...
Skilllickous · 46-50, M
Come to daddy princess don’t cry my little baby daddy loves his baby girl 😘
swimmergirl · 18-21, F
So sorry you have daddy issues and you feel you need to run away and hide. Hugs.
Diablobikergirl · 26-30, F
[@615841,swimmergirl] it be ok
swimmergirl · 18-21, F
[@350879,Pinkmewgirl] I can't imagine having daddy issues in a bad way. But my heart goes out to you.
Newandimproved · 61-69, M
well done!
Diablobikergirl · 26-30, F
[@458421,Newandimproved] it's a song
Newandimproved · 61-69, M
[@350879,Pinkmewgirl] even better
SingingSilver89 · 31-35, F
I have Mother Issue instead of Daddy issues, my parents are divorced.
Some, but mostly mommy issues.

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