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Would any of ya's like to know more about me?
1. My mom asked for me to be normal (it never happened, unsuccessful, I like myself too much)

2. Don't put toast crumbs in my butter (I can't stand that)

3. Your secrets are entirely safe with me. I only tell my close friends, not the whole world (so get over it)

5. I personally think children need to grow up, and lurkers need to mind their own business (like seriously)

6. I forgot number 4, so I didn't list it (I hate when I do that)

Btw .. I'm having a cell phone party on Saturday if interested. All adults are welcomed
56-60, M
16 replies
Feb 27, 2018
Serenitree · F
At least your toilet paper will be safe.
BaxtersMomma · 56-60, F
[@649185,BigDawg] that . you're thinking about it, that was probably #4, huh BigDawg??? Baahaahaa
BigDawg · 56-60, M
[@676428,BaxtersMomma] I did #4 yesterday, don't ask me how that happened, LOL
BaxtersMomma · 56-60, F
[@649185,BigDawg] #2 twice???
SW User
Yes to #2! It ruins the butter entirely. 😞
BigDawg · 56-60, M
[@674612,Decaf] 😋👍
SW User
SW User
[@649185,BigDawg] Sometimes?? 😂😂😂
BigDawg · 56-60, M
Okay, you got me. maybe most of the time, there 😝
SW User
Yeah 🤣[@649185,BigDawg]

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Would any of ya's like to know more about me? | Miscellaneous | Similar Worlds