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What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
36-40, F
54 replies
Feb 9, 2018
SW User
mangomonkey · 36-40, F
[@662097,Dobbin2] haha, that creeps in quite quickly to my thinking too
So apart from pre, what else were you thinking?
Silentangel · 22-25, F
[@662097,Dobbin2] 🌲👀🌲
EmergencyExit · 51-55, M
Where is mangomonkey😊
mangomonkey · 36-40, F
[@11430,thesunisout] impressive considering you don't know me! 😂
EmergencyExit · 51-55, M
[@8467,mangomonkey] you did ask😊
mathsman · 61-69, M
Pee after
mangomonkey · 36-40, F
[@54554,mathsman] interesting order....
mathsman · 61-69, M
[@8467,mangomonkey] Morning Wood from the need to pee, that pee-urge obscured by the erection.
Shit. I'm not looking forward to what needs doing today.
mangomonkey · 36-40, F
[@8720,RandomUniverse] hope the day isn't too bad for you
Like trying to slog thru quicksand.
mangomonkey · 36-40, F
[@8720,RandomUniverse] I can relate to that, good luck
Silentangel · 22-25, F
Why and how people can be so cruel playing on someone's emotions
Silentangel · 22-25, F
[@8467,mangomonkey] sorry I'm not always a big grump honest. Just going through a rough patch after a break up 😒. But my usual happy posting will start up again soon :) or the questions that blow up SW xD
mangomonkey · 36-40, F
[@665008,Silentangel] aww I'm sorry to hear about the break up. I can completely relate but you'll bounce back!
Silentangel · 22-25, F
[@8467,mangomonkey] yeah equine people are made to bounce and roll! 😂
I need to get me some sleep.
[@8467,mangomonkey] Sometimes it feels like I've just closed my eyes... and suddenly I'm jumping up... feels like ten seconds and yet ten hours have flown past.
mangomonkey · 36-40, F
[@459548,LittleMystery] it's so frustrating isn't it....
[@8467,mangomonkey] 😤
OKWTF2 · 46-50, M
Shut up! (dog barking)
mangomonkey · 36-40, F
[@14689,OKWTF2] never a good wake up call, hopefully you managed to get back to sleep
Oosure · M
what the....?
mangomonkey · 36-40, F
SW User
Where’s my mobile?
mangomonkey · 36-40, F
[@677405,Smiley28] think quite a few people have that one as part of the first few thoughts
SW User
[@8467,mangomonkey] yes dear. We’re so addicted to our mobile. Lol.
It was rather grim, filled with foreboding.
[@8467,mangomonkey] A couple of health issues.
mangomonkey · 36-40, F
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] sorry to hear that. Hope they get resolved soon.
[@8467,mangomonkey] Thank you.
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