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Someone motivate me to study
22-25, F
9 replies
Dec 3, 2017
SakuraShimeji · 18-21, M
You'll fail in life if you don't study.
Oosure · M
go study
whateverhappens · 22-25, F
Oh boi haha i need this too, what helps me is, (focus on your studies now cause the help you're getting from family now isnt gonna be forever & some day you will have to take care of yourself & when that time comes you will be ready so dont give up).. always some my mom tells me its sad but true .
Mikemcneil · 51-55, M
Imagine the proud feeling when you pass your exams...
LyricalOne · F
Repeat after me. “Do you want fries with that?” Say it 1000 times. Then imagine doing that for the next 30 years.
KingofSW · 36-40, M
...all night long! (See last response for full context.)
Literaturegirl · 56-60, F
Fail your life, don't live your dreams. Evade study and stay with us on SW
Or go sleep😉
Mikemcneil · 51-55, M
[@571337,Literaturegirl] you need to finance the Internet access though 😁
Literaturegirl · 56-60, F
[@628202,Mikemcneil] Haha😀
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