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Damn, I don't remember Nazis being this handsome.
Then again, I was never in that era
18-21, M
30 replies
Dec 2, 2017
SW User
Helioskull · 18-21, M
[@477910,Baphomet] Nuuuu
SW User
[@478262,Helioskull] you can't hide from the truth forever cutie pie 🙄
Helioskull · 18-21, M
[@477910,Baphomet] Watch me! XD
ChiChi93 · 22-25, F
Weeaboo alert 😰
Helioskull · 18-21, M
[@646433,ChiChi93] You are now learning this? You clearly have not met me XD
SW User
hey sugar tits
SW User
[@478262,Helioskull] I have been waiting months babe.
Helioskull · 18-21, M
[@512599,Paladin] Well you'll wait longer cause I'm a tease like that~
SW User
[@478262,Helioskull] you just spend too much time fapping to nazis don’t you?
nedkelly · 56-60, M
NO FUCKIN NAZIS were handsome
Helioskull · 18-21, M
[@5946,nedkelly] I'm sensing some bias here
[@478262,Helioskull] think he's anti Nazis!
Helioskull · 18-21, M
[@643802,Dobbin] I'd say so
SW User
You haven't seen the Crisis on Earth X lol
Helioskull · 18-21, M
[@420444,CasuallyNude] Apparently not, I need to see it though
Dewms · 22-25
Hes not that handsome U__U
Helioskull · 18-21, M
[@63022,Dewms] The dead is walking again! How are you?
marsbar · F
Men looked sharp in the 30's & 40's...all over the world, not just Nazis. Cool pic though.
Helioskull · 18-21, M
[@73351,marsbar] I kind of wish I lived in that era, I did like the style
marsbar · F
[@478262,Helioskull] Yup, the fashion back then & the hairstyles were on fleek.
Helioskull · 18-21, M
[@73351,marsbar] Indeed
NorthernRoses · 18-21, F
Hate is a strong word but goddamn I hate that style, sorry man
Helioskull · 18-21, M
[@427579,NorthernRoses] Eh, it's cool
floatingintheocean · 31-35, F
😄 omg
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Damn, I don't remember Nazis being this hands... | Miscellaneous | Similar Worlds