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Your country has numerous enemies- does it therefore make good sense to try and alienate your allies?
26-30, F
19 replies
Nov 30, 2017
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hewhocumsbynight · 22-25, M
Strike first, strike often. Take everything you can, and give absolutely nothing back. Such is the way of punks just waiting to get cornered by everybody else and curbstomped.
oneperson · 26-30, M
[@8862,hewhocumsbynight] sounds like you were a very successful punk
hewhocumsbynight · 22-25, M
[@637084,oneperson] I was a pretty good bully, until my past caught up to me in the form of about eight dudes who took offense to my ways and wished to lodge a complaint in me.
oneperson · 26-30, M
and yet your advice is: be like me
hewhocumsbynight · 22-25, M
[@637084,oneperson] Hm? No, it isn't. That's the opposite of what I advise. If you do what my first two sentences suggest, you get the shit kicked out of you by everybody else. If you're really successful, nobody will know that you were the one who attacked them, ever, and they'll hurt a scapegoat that you prepared for that purpose instead!
oneperson · 26-30, M
I see, you associate the word punk with being a moronic low-life and you chose to express your discontent by ambiguously suggesting that the rush of acting like an idiot may or may not be the answer, provided it's ironic.
Your thoughts were very clearly expressed, I get it now.
hewhocumsbynight · 22-25, M
[@637084,oneperson] Eh, my apologies for being unclear, I suppose. I was a punk for a while during my last years of high school and first years of college, before I came to the realization that I was making myself into a social blight though, so I feel that the use of the word punk was justified. I perhaps could have been less ambiguous.
oneperson · 26-30, M
apparently we're both being ambiguous, you seem to think I asked you about your personal life
hewhocumsbynight · 22-25, M
[@637084,oneperson] Dammit, let's call this a wash, shall we?
Dlrannie · 26-30, F
[@8862,hewhocumsbynight] Please do as you sound like a pair of squabbling 10 year olds in the playground 🙂🎎
hewhocumsbynight · 22-25, M
[@324037,Dlrannie] ...I don't think that we were squabbling. Were we? If so, then I drastically misunderstood the timbre of the conversation.

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