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Attention everyone I've ever unfriended
Somebody told me I should announce this, I am here to tell you that most likely I have unfriended you because I hate you and that you ran of of pringles to sustain me. Now I know how much this may emotionally wound you but also know that I do not care how you feel. Please have a horrible day and I hope you step on a lego ^-^
18-21, M
30 replies
Nov 27, 2017
SW User Best Answer
Blah go sit on one. A big one
SW User
[@478262,Helioskull] Indeed Pringle Kringle Krampus 馃挭
Helioskull18-21, M
[@634142,Evocative] ...Oh
SW User
[@478262,Helioskull] 馃嵀馃崚
SW User
What鈥檚 it mean if you鈥檝e never friended me?
SW User
[@478262,Helioskull] Don鈥檛 you hush me. 馃槧 No Pringles for you! And may the floors of your life forever be covered in lego! 馃構
Helioskull18-21, M
[@438766,Luminescence] Well may your bed and everything you sit on be made of legos
SW User
[@478262,Helioskull] I鈥檇 be the envy of every 4-10 year old in the world.
Heartless36-40, M
*Shakes Pringles can and rolls it over to you* no hard feelings, but may your shower turn ice cold with shampoo in your hair running down to your eyes so you have to tough it out.
Helioskull18-21, M
[@595492,Heartless] *Picks up pringles* ...I will take these pringles, but that insult highly offends me!
Heartless36-40, M
[@478262,Helioskull] you started it 馃槕
hmmm, that explains things. ok, carry on then.
Helioskull18-21, M
[@367459,DancingStarGoddess] Your case is different
[@478262,Helioskull] oh?
MartinTheFirst18-21, M
Waow you're hardcore.
Helioskull18-21, M
[@336516,MartinTheFirst] Yeah man, I am known for like, being the biggest savage on SW, ask anybody and they'll say, "Yeah that guy? Oh man he's a super savage"
Throws my can of pringles at you. Would rather eat Cheetos. 馃榿
Helioskull18-21, M
[@4813,MissMollyCharlotte0702] You have earned your place mortal ^-^
SW User
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