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Love is like handing someone a gun, having them point it at your heart and trusting them never to pull the trigger

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SW User
Except I never loaded it. *laughs maniacally*
Rob04 · 16-17, M
Best to hand over unloaded gun then.
SW User
I think that's actually called stupidity.
Dasauto · M
I think love is protecting their trust and feeling. and give them a home where they find peace.
IFoundLife · 36-40, F
That’s poetic. Reality is more crazy and cruel.
Magenta · F
Hmm but isn't love in large part, what [b]we[/b] give and share with another/others? That seems highly conditional.
That about sums it up. Yup.
Scribbles · 31-35, F
I think you must be describing something else.
Love is crazy and you will get your feelings hurt by each other sometimes. But if you feel like you're handing over a loaded weapon...something's wrong. and if someone you love is holding a theoretical gun at your heart...something is seriously wrong...and it ain't love no more.

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