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Who's ready for a daily dose of dark humor?
What did the kid with no arms get for Christmas?
Just kidding, he's still trying to open the box.
18-21, M
17 replies
Nov 7, 2017
Dan19322-25, M
omg this is soo bad 馃槀
Dan19322-25, M
[@478262,Helioskull] hit me with another one then, I can take it. I'm a man))
Helioskull18-21, M
[@14565,Dan193] Next post :P
Dan19322-25, M
[@478262,Helioskull] you're not wasting quality jokes on me? xD
whateverhappens22-25, F
i only enjoy dark humor with my mom when others say it, its mean
Helioskull18-21, M
[@335909,whateverhappens] Only ok when I do it type of things?
MikefromEP46-50, M
Perhaps the kid wants his prosthetic arms to look fashionable :P
Helioskull18-21, M
[@357803,MikefromEP] Well too bad he'll never find out what it is ^-^
Love it馃ぃ
Nice, video it and post to YouTube
Bootsiebaby41-45, F
Are you related to someone who used to be on Answerbag under the name "gtravels"? That was the kind of sickening rubbish she used to post on that site, yet for some unknown reason she was highly favoured by that site's admin despite her sick sense of "humour". She was also a horrible troll in other ways, forever insulting other members. I never understand why twisted weirdos like that are even allowed on websites, let alone favoured by site admin. Your question is no better than the trash this gtravels used to post.
Helioskull18-21, M
[@532584,Bootsiebaby] I will say it once and only once, the title even says dark humor, I have made a post about dark humor, if you only came on my post to tell me how screwed up I am for it, kindly leave now
SW User
ha! good one...
Jibby51-55, C
How did the dead baby cross the road ???
Stapled to the chicken
StanSmith8826-30, M
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