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There was a time when...
41-45, F
16 replies
Nov 3, 2017
SW User Best Answer
"We had a time, Oh what a time, there was a time when you were mine."
wasityou41-45, F
[@551761,Nudista] 馃
EP was a great site to be on
Miss that place
wasityou41-45, F
[@361986,Mk8155] EP had some good times which will hopefully never be forgotten. There are some good times to be had here too, though.
[@428387,wasityou] I'm looking. Lol
Barebum6156-60, M
I liked to wear clothes
wasityou41-45, F
[@562276,Barebum61] Lol, I cannot imagine.
Barebum6156-60, M
Imagine[@428387,wasityou] 馃槣
cars were badass ..

wasityou41-45, F
[@10925,waleskinder] Some are still out there! A '67 chevelle is in my garage.
Picklebobble251-55, M
The world made a lot more sense.
wasityou41-45, F
[@448576,Picklebobble2] Or did we not have enough sense to notice?
Picklebobble251-55, M
[@428387,wasityou] I don't think we've ever had a time when it's so damn difficult to tell the good guys from the bad. Like we have now.
FeetAreFantastic36-40, M
I didn't love feet
wasityou41-45, F
[@14020,FeetAreFantastic] Has this account been hacked???
FeetAreFantastic36-40, M
[@428387,wasityou] 馃槃
No seriously it's still me!
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