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Do your pets have Halloween costumes?
41-45, F
18 replies
Oct 31, 2017
SayHelloTotheGirlThatIAm · F Best Answer
and my house plants too
wasityou · 41-45, F
[@411388,MrsFugger] that's new to me... Have fun.
[@428387,wasityou] we did.... you shouldve come to the party
[@428387,wasityou] 🤗
SW User
one. I couldn't find the other.
SW User
[@428387,wasityou] it was kind of a theme. I have a star wars Xwing shirt, the big dog has a pilot shirt, the little one has an r2d2 shirt. somewhere around here.
wasityou · 41-45, F
Awwwe. Maybe he hid it on purpose.
SW User
[@428387,wasityou] could be.
ProdigalSummer · 41-45, F
My dog wore a cape for a bit. My girls were Batgirl and Supergirl and decided Heidi should be a superhero too
wasityou · 41-45, F
[@1162,ProdigalSummer] Lol. Awesome!
katielass · F
No, my dogs don't wear clothes. Only a bandana for the heeler and Schnauzer. The dachshund thinks she's too good to wear one. lol
wasityou · 41-45, F
Doberman. I'm not much of a shopper and just haven't put much effort into preparing for Halloween. Maybe next year.
katielass · F
[@428387,wasityou] Oh ok, yeah not sure they make a costume big enough for a Doberman. Unless you check Amazon. They seem to have everything.
wasityou · 41-45, F
[@120824,katielass] that's my favorite shopping site.
Laurie1638 · 22-25, F
My little guy was a pumpkin but the big dog didn't like his costume. :)
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