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Are you a short answer kind of person ...
or do you go into details????
51-55, M
39 replies
Oct 23, 2017
SweetMae · 61-69, F
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
[@10109,SweetMae] LOL Easy on the band width... LOL J/K
SweetMae · 61-69, F
[@116327,Dainbramadge] Yes, very easy!! 😊
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
[@10109,SweetMae] :-)
MartinTheFirst · 18-21, M
I am a long answer type of person, but most people do not deserve it so I don't bother anymore.
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
[@336516,MartinTheFirst] I can't help myself most of the time.. LOng answers it is. LOL
SW User
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
[@583726,RedAloud] Yes says so much and yet leaves so much to the imagination. LOL
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
[@425368,Brando2] HA ha ha meaning you are into the details or you need more from me??
AbbySvenz · F
Short. (My answers are, too)
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
[@603039,AbbySvenz] LOL!!!!
SW User
[c=#BF0080]I am a long answer type but a lot of people here don't even bother to read anything that is more than three sentences of it's not worth it.[/c]
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
[@443167,ForeverPink] I like reading peoples thoughts on my questions. Even tho they may not be deep .. I am still interested. :-)
Keepitsimple · 46-50, F
Depends...if I need to explain myself I say a lot and if I’m not interested at all I’ll just say “oh” or “gotcha”.
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
[@11509,Skipthissteptoday] I don't think short answers are in my DNA. LOL
Keepitsimple · 46-50, F
[@116327,Dainbramadge] yeah I’m usually a babbler myself but there are times I am not interested in talking, lol.
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
[@11509,Skipthissteptoday] I can understand that. :-)
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
[@618946,Plumblossum] HA ha ha !!! Thanks for the clarification :-)
[@116327,Dainbramadge] you're quite welcome I hope my answer was to your satisfaction since you seemed to want more then one word unfortunately those words inspired a Plethora of others & couldn't be stooped . Have a nice day whether its sunny , rainy or whatever your weather is .
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
[@618946,Plumblossum] :-)
Short as possible
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
[@328405,Starshine] I wonder if people get tired of my long answers. I tend to spill on questions. LOL
[@116327,Dainbramadge] nope I like a good explanation of things. I just don't always give it however
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
[@328405,Starshine] I see. I guess I get that. :-)
sighmeupforthat · 41-45, M
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
[@341171,sighmeupforthat] Good blatter control product. :-)
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