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Do you ever just get sick of society’s expectations of a person’s life?
Like get a job, go to college, get married? have kids. What if I don’t fit into that? I just become miserable?
22-25, F
23 replies
Sep 28, 2017
Edited: 9 mths ago
Raffie · F
Listen to the beat of your own drum....dare to be different, but keep it genuine.
Puffieke · F
Everyone wants to fit in. [@495938,Raffie]
Jentlemen · 41-45, M
I never went to college. I'm off that hook
Yes I'm sick of it pretty much, especially by the Hair Image thing -_-. I just shaved mine and people stare at me like loling.
Really? But If you going to regret it don't shave lol. I just hate my hair , so I shaved it completely. My family is giving me weird looks cause of my bald head -_-
offingg · 22-25, F
[@609167,ShadowsFall89] I thi k it’s pretty cool, i would be your friend if i saw you
[@411353,offingg] Awww thank you lol.
SW User
I agree with the get a job part..or do something for a steady income..the rest is none of my business
Yeah sure do. We can't be molded and be happy.
xRedx · M
Yeah, it can get toxic at times. It's frustrating really but I don't care for that.
Elysian · F
Don't ever do anything that isn't best for you and makes you unhappy.
Elysian · F
[@411353,offingg] you are welcome. I fit no mold people always treat me like shit and call me weird and crazy. Say I act like a like im not a boy Im badass theres a difference 😂
offingg · 22-25, F
[@564136,Sensitive] Haha so you relate!!
Elysian · F
[@411353,offingg] definetly :)
DiscombobulatedBunny · 41-45, F
Loads of people don't follow the general societal expectations, and they do it well. Go enjoy your life!
DlPSHIT · 18-21, M
Getting a job is basic human decency. If you can't do that there are a lot of forest to die in.
Not really. I've just done things (or not) in my own time. I've been lucky to have family and friends who mostly supported it.
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