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Still taking bets on what my boyfriend's surprise for me is
If you win, you'll get like, an SW gift or something..we'll figure it out when you win lol
I need to make this fun so I'm not just counting days to figure it out.

He said it's gonna be within a few months, but hasn't given me much more than that to go on.

No, he's not breaking up with me, he's legitimately too sweet of a person to do that.
22-25, F
28 replies
Aug 18, 2017
ZenWioness · F Best Answer
Proposing to you.
ZenWioness · F
[@427301,ManicMortuary] awww! That's so sweet ❤
ZenWioness · F
Thanks for BA, MM. ❤
You'll have to share when you know.
ManicMortuary · 22-25, F
[@581119,Wionnnnn] You're welcome! I will!
Diamond ring
ManicMortuary · 22-25, F
[@356863,JohnnyWhitebreadCorngood] I think he does, he's really good at listening to everything I say and pays attention to me, he should know it
[@427301,ManicMortuary] that's good..but he better not propose with a diamond lol
ManicMortuary · 22-25, F
[@356863,JohnnyWhitebreadCorngood] Agreed lol I would feel bad because I wouldn't wear it
SW User
Promotion at work
ManicMortuary · 22-25, F
[@322672,hyg346] Lol well, he is apprenticing to tattoo...his surprise could be a new tattoo for me
SW User
[@427301,ManicMortuary] see, this could be it.
ManicMortuary · 22-25, F
[@322672,hyg346] In all honesty, it could be
MikefromEP · 46-50, M
A trip that involves one of your family members...
ManicMortuary · 22-25, F
[@357803,MikefromEP] I just got excited for nothing
MikefromEP · 46-50, M
[@427301,ManicMortuary] If I told you that you were going too ...... .......... You would not be surprised... then he would hunt me down for revealing the surprise :O
ManicMortuary · 22-25, F
[@357803,MikefromEP] Fair enough, safety first!
SailorMarz · 22-25, F
ManicMortuary · 22-25, F
[@20628,SailorMarz] Go out and find yourself a weird piercing'll be glad you did lol
Stellen · 31-35, M
A like and a picture of something...

Wow... that really motivated me to figure this one out 🤔
ManicMortuary · 22-25, F
[@572531,Stellen] I've been trying to figure it out for a month -_-
Stellen · 31-35, M
Chinese? ... racist emojis are hate speech lady...
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Still taking bets on what my boyfriend's surp... | Miscellaneous | Similar Worlds