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I have seen the number 710 an unusual amount of times today. Am I supposed to play it in the lottery or what?
41-45, F
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Jul 22, 2017
SW User
You must.
wasityou · 41-45, F
[@481136,kingfish2] Lol, I think you've gambled before. I'll try to remember and do it tomorrow.
SW User
[@428387,wasityou] Once or twice. Good luck.
ChefNumerouno · 22-25, M
I dont even play the lottery but that would tell me yes indeed lol
wasityou · 41-45, F
[@333409,ChefNumerouno] Yep, I rarely play.
5thApprentice · 26-30, M
Of course
wasityou · 41-45, F
[@352419,5thApprentice] Will do.
nedkelly · 56-60, M
Bank balance?
nedkelly · 56-60, M
[@428387,wasityou] Not when I keep spending money at my daughters house - this week $3500
wasityou · 41-45, F
I'm sure it was for a good cause. That was a little less than the furnace/a.c. replacement at mine this spring.
nedkelly · 56-60, M
[@428387,wasityou] converting a double garage in to 2 teenagers retreat for my daughter partners two girls
laotzu92 · 61-69, M
The number must have significance for You.
Ambroseguy80 · 46-50, M
Apparently you had a premonition of tonight's powerball jackpot
wasityou · 41-45, F
[@403045,Ambroseguy80] I hope not, I won't have time to play. Let's get everyone here to play the same #s so they'll each get only a few thousand- lol.
Ambroseguy80 · 46-50, M
[@428387,wasityou] hahaha. Sounds like an excellent strategy. 👍🏻😏
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I have seen the number 710 an unusual amount of ti... | Miscellaneous | Similar Worlds