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Am I in love?
There's this guy I've known since I was 14 and he was 15. Now I'm 20 and he's 21. In the past couple years our relationship kind of changed from just friends to.. flirting and stuff and over the past year it's basically been like we're in a relationship since I've met his family and I sleep over his house sometimes etc. we spend time together basically every other day now and for the past maybe 6 or so months, I haven't been able to think clearly when I'm with him. I feel high, even when we don't smoke at all, I still feel high. I have no idea if that is what love is?? Do I love him or is this some kind of infatuation thing.. I'm used to being in my head and thinking clearly all the time but it's like my brain kind of shuts down when I'm with him now, if that's love I'm afraid of falling deeper and not even being able to think carefully about each decision I make.
18-21, F
30 replies
Jul 16, 2017
redses · F
Yes u are
EmpathicSoul · 18-21, F
[@37745,redses] fuck
redses · F
[@36115,TheFlowerThatBloomsInAdversity] 🍦🍦
Waxfoot · 51-55, M
[@36115,TheFlowerThatBloomsInAdversity] lol shag him silly
Squiggymonster69 · 51-55, M
Go with it, see where it takes you ?
EmpathicSoul · 18-21, F
Im scared😬 [@383268,Squiggymonster69]
Squiggymonster69 · 51-55, M
Just take it slow, see how he responds.
EmpathicSoul · 18-21, F
Responds to what? lol he's practically said he's in love with me. He actually said he sees me in his whole future I'm not sure if that's weird for someone to say
Silhouette · M
Uh... you wouldn't bother writing this if you weren't. Have fun, you crazy kids.
EmpathicSoul · 18-21, F
[@469870,Silhouette] you're my age silly
Silhouette · M
[@36115,TheFlowerThatBloomsInAdversity] I'm what you'd call an old soul. Ancient, actually.
EmpathicSoul · 18-21, F
I'm an old soul too but with relationship experiences.. not so much
SW User
if you cant get them out of your head. you want the best for them and want to constantly be around them.. youve been bitten by the love bug.
EmpathicSoul · 18-21, F
[@406820,theowl] 😵😵 I'm afraid
SW User
attachments and caring about someone is pretty scary especially when things dont work out. but if it does work out its great. its a game of chance. you can win or lose
Have you had a relationship ship prior to this?
How serious is this relationship with this guy?.
Do you to sleep together when you staybat his house? If you do, do have sex?
Did you like him before thinks changed?
Did you have a crush on him?
This are but a few things have to think of to come to clear understanding of what type of relationship you are creating.
EmpathicSoul · 18-21, F
no, just a couple high school flicks I don't really count
We aren't officially in a relationship but we're exclusively seeing each other
Yes we sleep together, we are sexual, we haven't had straight up sex though
Yes I've liked him for a long time honestly. We always have been drawn back together over the years
[@36115,TheFlowerThatBloomsInAdversity] I don't think it's love yet, are at least I don't think you are in love yetif this is your first serious relationship, especially if he is your first, then, the new experiences you are encountering, is ushering new feelings, new emotions.
In addition it is making familiar feelings and emotions stronger, more powerful.
It's gotta be kinda scary for you, kinda like the excji..
Like half of you is too scared and anxious to move forward, and the other half can't wait to go further.
Is that what it's like?
Kinda fun, and and scary, and magic and anxious, and exciting, and wierd and funky?
Why you thinking it so much. Just let it flow when you're in love you will know.
EmpathicSoul · 18-21, F
I always overthink about everything :/ or else I feel like the outcome is going to be out of my control.. maybe I'm too much of a control freak. It's hard for me to let go
Kevin · M
Trust your heart
SENSME · 36-40, M
ishe and hisgfamily aware that you are elder by four/five yrs?if all accept you ,,,go for him hook line and sinker as made for each other
EmpathicSoul · 18-21, F
[@97162,1980vim] ? I'm not sure if you can read but I said he's 21 and I'm 20.
QueenOfQuirk · 18-21, F
What are you both waiting for?
EmpathicSoul · 18-21, F
[@10636,QueenOfQuirk] he's trying to be with me for a long time now.. he's waiting for me to decide
UserNameSW · 41-45, M
Sounds lIke it may be
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