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Would u marry someone who is pro choice or pro life ? 馃
I wanna know. Could or would you marry someone who has a different idea about birth or life than you do.
36-40, M
16 replies
Mar 16, 2019
Edited: 3 mths ago
Poppies61-69, F Best Answer
It鈥檚 an issue where I can understand people of good heart and good conscience could be on either side. I have my own views but I could be with someone on the other side if they did not rant and rave and if they were respectful of my position.
plungesponge36-40, M
no, they are missing an E
Zonuss36-40, M
[@20312,plungesponge] What.
Zonuss36-40, M
Or it doesn't matter to you at all. Does a person's choice about this matter to u at all. 鈽猴笍
Depends on how they act if my stance differs from theirs.
Aiyana22-25, F
It all depends on if they're willing to respect my autonomy when it comes to pregnancy.
pro choice.
hippyjoe195561-69, M
I wouldn't share a bed with someone who condones murder/abortion.
Zonuss36-40, M
[@10033,hippyjoe1955] Ok.
Allwaysthink31-35, F
Does not matter
Zonuss36-40, M
[@831999,Allwaysthink] Thanks.
ProdigalSummer41-45, F
I wouldn't care either way as long as they accepted my opinion. I don't expect agreement, just acceptance that I can have my own beliefs.
Zonuss36-40, M
[@1162,ProdigalSummer] Well said.
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