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I Do Not Believe In Monogamy

can we just talk about how even though there are some abusive polyamorist they have dificulty getting away with it because there are other people in the room and how monogamous culture totally normalizes jealousy rather than questions it and how abusers often use their jealousy to isolate and control women as if they are property an it means jealous husbands and boyfriends will act like controlling monsters who hide their girlfriends away from the world and drive every other person with a penis from their lives and how EVEN IF HE ISN'T HITTING THEM it is EMOTIONAL ABUSE To drive EVERY other person possessing a penis from her life SHE DESERVES TO HAVE HER FRIENDS AND BE ABLE TO ENJOY THEM YOU SELFISH ASSHOLES[i][b]. even if he's not HITTING her he's abusing her by not letting her have male friends.[/b][/i]

AT LEAST in POLYAMORY we tell you your jealousy is YOUR OWN problem and provide resources to help you figure out why you're feeling it and to work through it. We QUESTION it we don't just PASSIVELY accept it.

expectations of monogamy ENABLE abusers.

at least if a guy threw a punch on a g irl
in polyamory there would be other men in the room who witnessed it.
SatanBurger · 36-40, F
I think for people against polyamory, they conflate polyamory with polygamy. Polygamy is patriarchal where as poly varies according to situation. Jealousy is human nature but jealousy also arises from primitive emotions, you can ALWAYS work on handling your insecurities. Jealousy isn't really a reason (not saying you said this, just generally) to be against polyamory.

It's like saying there's nothing you can do about your emotions or behavior but there's always stuff you can do.

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