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I Feel Alone

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I have family surrounding me and a best friend I can call sister but yet I feel so alone. So empty inside, feeling a hole has just been rigged like magic and the pain does not go away and I can not sleep I cannot rest in peace I feel like throwing up all the time even though I am not sick I feel so alone. I was doing good one day and then in one sec everyone disappeared and I tried to hold it in but I couldn't do it anymore and I felt the worst feeling that I just started tearing for no reason. But I feel I'm alone here I feel so sick to my stomach and I need to have a conversation I need to have one I need it so bad I need to talk to someone who will respond back and not just listen but respond n can't do this I need a convo with someone
22-25, M
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Jul 17, 2017
SW User
You sound depressed as fuck. Search a therapist and go on antidepressants.
vincent100 · 22-25, M
Because I have do have problem and it's not depression depression is being sad all the time I'm not sad I feel alone I feel empty I feel nothing inside me but a dark hole taking over and I said I need someone to talk to I need to let my feelings out I need help but a conversation helps me I'm not sad, depressed, I feel I'm missing something or someone
SW User
[@412497,vincent100] What you just described : feeling empty = a symptom of depression.

If you are depressed you don't have interest in doing fun activities, you feel lonely and empty all the time. That's what depression is. Depression takes on different forms..
vincent100 · 22-25, M
[@565606,ElissaIsATransGirl] But I'm not like I do want to do fun things but with my best friend but I can't, I feel I may lose her and even though she says I'm not going to lose her I feel scared for her and alone if she is not with me
LastingSunshine · 18-21, F
I'm sorry you feel that way :( I recently lost my best friend, the only person apart from my family who truly cared. It felt horrible to feel so lonely even for the simplest things, like when you wanna tell someone how your day went, or talk about a book you recently bought. Loneliness is indeed hard to slay but it's never impossible with some help. You can always hit me up btw :)
vincent100 · 22-25, M
[@8112,LastingSunshine] yea I understand and I'm going through almost the same thing
LastingSunshine · 18-21, F
[@412497,vincent100] Well at least we're not alone in our loneliness if that makes sense
vincent100 · 22-25, M
[@8112,LastingSunshine] yea
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I Feel Alone
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