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I Feel Alone

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The excruciating aching feeling inside is the pain of loneliness. I never new loneliness can be so painful. I’m feeling this everyday these days, and I wonder if you can actually die from it. It feels almost like death.
41-45, F
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Dec 9, 2017
Edited: 1 yr ago
1972pp · M
Let's hope not.. This is sad.. U need to chat..
SoFine · 41-45, F
Your inner universe is calling you. That is why the GOLD in life is to daily meditate. That empty feeling, that lost feeling. It does sound to good to be true, that mind silence can fill you up. It helps to connect with your true deep love. True love is self-love. Person to person love, is fleeting and is obscured with each person EGO.

Then grow your true, real, deep love. This foundation will help anchor you, then when those you love hurt you, your inner core is set, you won't topple over.

In long-term relationship, we each get our insecure buttons pushed, we react, we react not knowing that we have been triggered, we make them wrong, us right.

That is why, when love is established in us, by us, we know where it is, that is not outside of us. People can ADD to us, they can never fill an empty person.

When I have moved to a new city, I would join, walking clubs, or volunteer to help. I have been in the Big/Little Sister program.

On YouTube are many healing music meditation, try a few, many types to heal emotional pain.

To be
To be you
Justsayit · 56-60, F
[@639139,Serenitynow] here is ur new mantra: I CHOOSE TO LOVE MYSELF..EVEN THO I DON'T NOW HOW...keep saying it!
MyNewBeginning · 41-45, F
I will. Thank you![@426791,Justsayit]
Justsayit · 56-60, F
[@639139,Serenitynow] Best!
Justsayit · 56-60, F
no family around?
pls make some friends!
This message was deleted.
Justsayit · 56-60, F
Make making friends a priority...then follow thru...not without effort, but doable!
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I Feel Alone
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The excruciating aching feeling inside is the pain... | I Feel Alone | Similar Worlds