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I Feel Alone
I have Kallmann Syndrome. Kallmann Syndrome prevents or delays puberty. It also causes anosmia, no sense of smell, or at least deminished sense.

In my case, I haven't grown the way my brothers have, and still haven't entered puberty. My testicles are like frozen peas.
I am regularly misidentified as a seven year old.

I am currently in hospital, and because of my [i]size,[/i] I am kept in Paediatric Medical, Boys under twelve, moved here from Paediatric Surgical, Boys under twelve.

I feel so alone because I don't know anyone else who is [i]like[/i] me. I have asked twice, on this site, if there is anyone else who has Kallmann Syndrome, or any other reason for delayed or absent puberty.

So far I've gotten nout. Is there [i]anyone else[/i] with delayed or absent puberty? Let's talk.

Je suis Pubèr Ü
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Slivereyes · F
I have something like that.
Estoypuber · 18-21, M
@Slivereyes: how did I miss this? How did it play out? Please respond sil vous plait.
Slivereyes · F
Its is OK I'm sure there's others out there Just shy like us.
Estoypuber · 18-21, M
You have some sort of puberty preventing disorder? And you're already old. How does it play out?

I mean, did you eventually have puberty? Did you get to grow to an adult? Did you get married?

I know I am full of questions, but the outlook, for me, is rather bleak. I don't know [i]anyone[/i] who is like me.
I have had a very hard time with younger, bigger boys, who think harassing me is hilarious. I try not to give them what they want, but...

Pubèr Ü
Slivereyes · F
I can understand. People still think I'm a school student
Estoypuber · 18-21, M
@Slivereyes: people think I'm a small child. 40lbs. One metre.
I don't now how they could think I'm a little boy.
Estoypuber · 18-21, M
O la. I saw you again.

I am here.
Slivereyes · F
There a few good things about it. But alor of bad thing to
Estoypuber · 18-21, M
@Slivereyes: oh? Like what? What's good? I know the bad.
Slivereyes · F
Good things you can get to some place half price. Go on kids rides without question. And when you old you still look young and your friends be jealous cause they look old. I have to take tablets for my puberty I started the tablets when I was 18. Soon I be 40 on this Friday. Some people say I look 16 18. Once I got told I look like a 8 years old. Its OK to ask question that's the best way to Lean.
Estoypuber · 18-21, M
@Slivereyes: what tablets? I am 39 inches tall. Will I grow? How tall were you when you started puberty at age 18, and are you taller today?

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